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Experience it at Kuroshio Kobo!
An authentic bonito-searing experience

At Kuroshio Kobo, located within walking distance of Kuroshio Honjin, you can experience all the delights Nakatosa has to offer from our mouth-watering authentic delicacy, Katsuo-no-Tataki (seared bonito), to locally-caught dried fish, and much much more.
Within Kuroshio Kobo, also enjoy fresh seasonal seafood and produce in our dining corner.
Highly popular for its exquisite quality and flavor, Kuroshio Kobo's Straw-Seared Bonito is available to customers nationwide via mail-order. The secret to its light and delicate texture comes from using 100% fresh bonito and straw in the searing process.
In an effort to pass down regional culinary traditions, Kuroshio Kobo also does live demonstrations of bonito searing and has been named a Tosa Culinary Heritage Instructor for our activities.


seared bonito dried fish set tataki set tataki set with chimaki rice dumpling in bamboo leaves

Kuroshio Kobo's dining corner lets you enjoy produce and seafood that can only be found in the Nakatosa area. Bonito, for example, varies in taste from season to season. Experience the slightly sweeter flavor of Spring bonito riding the Kuroshio Current bound north, or the fattier "Toro-Katsuo" caught to the south of Kochi in Autumn. An assortment of authentic flavors and dishes await; freshly seared bonito arriving still warm on your plate, tantalizingly fresh horse mackerel (aji) and round herring (urume) sashimi, and sumibi charcoal-grilled dried fish from our local market.

Bonito-Searing Workshops

bonito searing workshop

Known as the fishing town for line-fished bonito, try Nakatosa-cho's bonito-searing workshop.
Enjoy our authentic straw-seared bonito cooking experience from our outdoor workshop area while taking in magnificent views of Kure's fishing town and the grand Pacific.
Using generous portions of straw in the searing process, our extravagant Intermediate Course allows you to cut an entire bonito! And for those who have never cut fish before, fear not! All Tataki (Bonito-Searing) Workshop Courses come with an expert instructor.

Workshop Menu

Available from

April to October

Workshop Courses

  • Beginners' Course:
    Bonito fee (seasonal rates) + 800 yen (tax included)
    Workshop-type Beginners' Course includes, searing, and packing the bonito.
  • Intermediate Course:
    Bonito fee (seasonal rates) + 1,500 yen (tax included)
    Workshop-type Intermediate Course includes filleting a whole bonito, searing, and packing.

※Note: cooked bonito from the workshop may be taken home in their packets or eaten at the Kobo.

For reservations

Please make reservations in advance for both Beginner and Intermediate Bonito Searing Courses. (Courses not available during August 11th to August 18th)

Hours of Operation

Days Closed

2nd Thursday of the month (subject to change on holidays)

Hours of Operation

8:00AM - 3:00PM

Dining Hours

10:30AM - 2:30PM (last order)