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Kuroshio Honjin's Privacy Policy

Kuroshio Honjin respects the right to the privacy of every individual.

Treatment of Personal Information

Personal information collected by Kuroshio Honjin, regardless of type (electronic, paper, or otherwise), will be managed in strict accordance under the Personal Information Protection Law.

Use of Personal Information

Personal Information submitted to Kuroshio Honjin's website via the online reservation form (or Kuroshio Kobo's workshop reservation form) will be managed under the guidelines of our company policy. Furthermore, personal information regarding you may be used in the event we need to contact you to obtain additional information.

Regarding the provision of personal information to third parties

Kuroshio Honjin will not disclose any personal information to a third party except in the following situations:
-The guest has given consent in disclosing personal information.
-In case of an emergency such as one related to life or health.
-To comply with legal or regulatory requirements or obligations.