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Honjin's restaurant Chaya Honjin: Kai

The breathtaking view of the Pacific
Delectable Kuroshio Honjin cuisine

Our banquet hall, Tairyo-no-Ma, and restaurant, Chaya Honjin: Kai, allow visitors to enjoy their meal while watching the brilliant blue of the Pacific.
Located in Nakatosa-cho, famous for pole-and-line bonito fishing, Kuroshio Honjin uses fresh local seafood and seasonal produce from the mountains and villages in all of our dishes. Enjoy the catch of the day or seasonal vegetables and experience a taste of the seasons.

Kuroshio Honjin Cuisine

Katsuo-don (bonito rice bowl)
Katsuo no Tataki (seared bonito)
Iseibi (Ise lobster)
Shio Tataki-don (salted bonito rice bowl
Tataki Teishoku (bonito set)
Kaisenmori Ryori Matsu (Matsu seafood course)
Nigiwai Gozen (variety course)
Omakase Course

Dishes are made to fit the season using seasonal ingredients. For this reason, please understand that menu items, as well as plates used, may vary from season to season. The dishes listed here are only a few of the many items on our menu. (Different menu options are also available for those with large parties.)

Straw-Seared Bonito

searing bonito with a straw fire
freshly seared bonito

When you arrive in Nakatosa-cho, the first thing you'll be recommended is seared bonito (katsuo-no-tataki). An expert eye and cutting technique are required for perfect bonito dishes.

Restaurant and Banquet Hall

Honjin's restaurant Chaya Honjin: Kai
Banquet Hall: Tairyo no Ma

Chaya Honjin: Kai is open from 11:30AM - 2:00PM (last order at 1:30PM) every day except Thursdays. The restaurant seats 60 guests total while the banquet halls (Tairyo-no-Ma) seat up to 70 guests.