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Hot Springs

Beyond the mist awaits the grandeur of the Pacific!
Kuroshio Honjin's open-air bath

The expansive Pacific spreads before your very eyes as you enjoy Kuroshio Honjin's specialty, our open-air rotenburo bath. Soak in the salty sea bath while watching a majestic sunrise or gazing upon the starry night sky.
Kuroshio Honjin also comes with two types of indoor bath tubs; our white-granite bath and rust-stone bath, filled with heated spring water. From beyond the steamy mist, let yourself unwind as you take in scenic views of the Pacific or Futanajima Island; named one of Kochi's 10 most beautiful places.
Kuroshio Honjin's hot springs are also available to non-overnight guests for a small fee.

Open-Air Bath

Open-Air Bath Open-Air Bath Open-Air Bath Open-Air Bath

Kuroshio Honjin's famed seawater rotenburo is popular for its expansive view of the Pacific. From a spiritual sunrise in the early morning to the soothing sound of the ocean waves under a dazzling night sky, experience the rich and majestic nature of Nakatosa. Honjin's open-air bath uses seawater taken from the Pacific in its seawater baths.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs Hot Springs

Kuroshio Honjin provides two types of indoor baths: our rust-stone bath and white-granite bath. Baths are gender separated and switch by day. Cool spring water is heated for our indoor baths, perfect for soaking your troubles away as you gaze upon the Pacific.

Hours of Operation

Days Closed

2nd Thursday of the month (subject to change on holidays)

Communal Bath Hours

For guests staying overnight
6:00AM - 9:00AM and 3:00PM - 11:00PM
For regular guests
10:30AM - 4:00PM and 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Adults: 600 yen, Children: 300 yen
The Communal Bath is closed every Thursday from 10:30AM - 4:00PM and can only be used from 6:30PM - 8:00PM (EXCLUDING the 2nd Thursday of the month).