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The vast Pacific before you
An ocean view in every room

Located atop a hill overlooking the Pacific, the inn of bonito, Kuroshio Honjin is famous for its extraordinary ocean views. Each guest room comes with an ocean view while the communal bath house has both outdoor and indoor baths. For guests who prefer a little more privacy or freedom in bathing times, each room also comes with its own bathtub.
The architecture of Kuroshio Honjin's Main Building mimics the construction of way stations (inns from the days of the Edo Period), replicating their atmosphere to provide our modern-day feudal lords with a place to soothe both body and soul. There are 8 Japanese-style guest rooms, 2 Western-style guest rooms, and one Japanese/Western-mixed room for a total of 11 rooms. For those in need, wheelchair-accessible rooms are also available.

Japanese-Style Rooms

Japanese-Style Rooms Baths

Kuroshio Honjin's Main Building has 8 Japanese-style rooms. Each room is a 10 tatami mat size (around 18㎡) and can lodge up to 5 guests at a time.
Rooms each come with a motif of either "sky" or "sea"; Room 305: Sho (reef), Room 306: Iso (shore); Room 307: Nabura (school of fish); Room 401: Sora (sky); Room 402: Kaze (wind); Room 405: Yo (sun); and Room 406: Tsuki (moon).

Western-Style Rooms

Western-Style Rooms Baths

Western-style rooms are Room 302: Ura (inlet) and Room 303: Nami (wave). Each room can lodge up to 2 guests.

Japanese/Western-mixed Room

Japanese-Style Rooms Western-Style Rooms

Room 301: Umi (sea) is a mixed Japanese and Western-style room. Up to 5 guests can stay at a time with the Japanese section having 6 tatami mats in size.

Floor Guide

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Room Rates

Main Building Stay Rates (tax not included)
(Rate for 1 guest: includes 1 night stay and 2 meals)

# of Guests Room Type Weekdays Saturdays, Pre-Holidays,
Pre-High Season
High Season Rates
2 Japanese-style room 16,000 yen 17,000 yen 20,000 yen
Western-style room 14,000 yen 15,000 yen 18,000 yen
3 Japanese-style room 15,000 yen 16,000 yen 19,000 yen
4 Japanese-style room 14,000 yen 15,000 yen 18,000 yen
5 Japanese-style room 13,000 yen 15,000 yen 18,000 yen

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